Breast cancer is a tough journey. Unfortunately, breast reconstruction after mastectomy isn’t always smooth sailing either, as told in some of our breast reconstruction stories. One problem is the inconvenience, pain and sometimes injury that occur during the tissue expansion process. Thankfully, medical engineers have found a promising solution. We bring you news today of the AeroForm® tissue expander system. It allows women to control an important aspect of their breast reconstruction process. It offers other benefits as well. 


Earlier this week, MedTech Chat podcast interviewed Scott Dodson from AirXpanders®. He talked about their AeroForm® device and how it works to give women an active role in recovering their bodies.

breast reconstruction process

Scott Dodson, AirXpanders CEO

Breast reconstruction patients in Australia already use the AeroForm® device, which is covered by reimbursement codes there. Some U.S. women tested it (you can read their stories here). It is currently awaiting FDA approval, and will hopefully be available to women here soon.


AeroForm® Technology and the Breast Reconstruction Process

AeroForm® appears to be a promising alternative to traditional saline expanders. Saline expanders require multiple office visits to inject saline fluid, but with AeroForm® the patient uses a remote dose controller at home or work to gradually release compressed gas. Expansion with AeroForm® takes weeks rather than months, and allows breasts to retain a natural, anatomical shape. Women who use the AeroForm® device also report less pain than those who experience expansion with saline expanders.

breast expansion process

The patient controls the release of gas. The device is set so that it can be used no more than three times per day, and release no more than 10cc’s per time.

In the fifteen minute interview (listen to it here), Mr. Dodson explains how the device works to help women. He also explains the similarities between the physicians and patients in Australia and the United States. He discusses the future of the AirXpanders® company, and plans to bring the AeroForm® device here. We hope that it will be here soon, because it sounds like an excellent option for women to take charge of the breast reconstruction process.