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We’re so touched that you clicked to this page. Donating is a big deal, because it means we get to keep on doing what we do. We seek to empower every woman to take back the things breast cancer stole from her: her sense of choice over her body, her comfort in her own skin, and her ownership of her post-cancer body.

Isn’t that what it means to figure out a new normal? That’s what we want. We want every woman several years down the road to breathe a big sigh of relief realizing her post-cancer life has developed a steady new normal–one not consumed by anxiety or regret.

To accomplish this aim, every month we create new articles, podcasts, and videos. We’re active on social media, we make sure Google notices us, and we interact daily with the women affected by this awful disease. It’s not easy doing this, but it’s our passion, and we love seeing more women touched and encouraged along their breast cancer journeys.

And now you are here–ready to partner with us. Before you go any farther, please receive this big THANK YOU from us. You’re making a difference.

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Here’s what your money does…

  • $100 allows us to record, edit, and publish a new podcast interview with leading experts on professional-level equipment.
  • $200 allows us to get printed literature in the hands of approx. 800 women.
  • $1,500 allows us to create a professional video interviewing and highlighting one breast cancer survivor.
  • $5,000 supports all our website and social media content and maintenance for one month, reaching 200-300 women daily.

You make a difference.