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Finding Your New Normal

Finding Your New Normal 2018-04-03T11:18:46+00:00

Somebody forgot to mention that a new normal after breast cancer doesn’t just appear the moment you hear the words “cancer-free,” let alone if those aren’t the words you hear. We aim to support every ‘vivor—survivor, previvor, metavivor, covivor, you name it. From the moment you face down breast cancer (even just the prospect of it or the breast cancer of your loved one), life changes. We want to see you rock your ‘vivorship! That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section to talking about finding your new normal after breast cancer.


Your new normal after breast cancer

You did it. You finished your final dose of chemotherapy or radiation session or whatever it was that marked the end of constant medical treatment. A new breast cancer survivor—hopefully you’ve heard the words, “The cancer is in remission.” But your feelings… they’re not in remission! Everything’s different now—from what you eat, how you feel about sex, and the exercise habits you do or do not partake in. How do you go on? We don’t have easy answers, but here are a few highlights we’ve seen on our blog over the years, or scroll down for our latest posts.

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