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Wedding Dresses for a Cause

Wedding Dresses for a Cause

If you know someone getting married (or even more so if you’re getting married or just wanting to renew your vows in a beautiful dress), this post is for you! Wedding dresses for a cause are totally a thing.

On November 30, my husband and I will have been married for four years. I was thinking the other day how glad I am to be married and not engaged. Gosh, planning for weddings is stressful!

And… sometimes it just feels so selfish. Let’s be honest: you’re planning for an entire day of being the center of attention. You might not want to be, but that’s everyone’s expectation, and ultimately it’s going to go down that way.

So when I learned about a new way of making the day a little less selfish by supporting women with breast cancer (and saving some money and the environment and possibly preventing sweatshop labor and… can the list get any longer?)… I wish I had known about wedding dresses for a cause when I was a bride-to-be!

So get ready to tell the engaged ladies in your life about Brides Against Breast Cancer.

Also, send them to this post, because I’m going to be honest: we thought Brides Against Breast Cancer is a cool enough company to set up affiliate links with them. That means, if someone makes a purchase after clicking on one of the links in this article, a percentage will also go to I’m Taking Charge, so that we can continue our mission of supporting women facing breast cancer.

Wedding Dresses for What Cause?

Brides Against Breast Cancer is an Atlanta-based social enterprise company (SEC) that donates a percentage of its profits to its partners: Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. These are two fantastic and reputable organizations in the breast cancer world.


How Does Brides Against Breast Cancer Work?

I’m glad you asked. Brides Against Breast Cancer sells affordable, second-hand and sample designer wedding dresses at a fraction of their usual cost.

This is win-win situation for everyone: the bride gets her dream designer wedding dress without depleting her budget, and women with breast cancer get the support they need through Brides Against Breast Cancer’s partner charities. Who wouldn’t buy their dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer?!

If you live in the Atlanta area, you can visit Brides Against Breast Cancer’s physical boutique shop. For the rest of us, they offer a robust online store.

Black Friday Bridal Sale!

The best news yet? Brides Against Breast Cancer is running special “Black Friday” promotion!

They are offering 30% off on ALL dresses until November 27 with the promotional code BLKBRDS.

Black Friday Sale Wedding Dresses

Spread the word! What a fantastic opportunity to buy wedding dresses for a cause that matters!


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