Contest Winner Hopes Card Will Help Women with Breast Cancer | I'm Taking Charge

Contest Winner Hopes Card Will Help Women with Breast Cancer

Contest Winner Hopes Card Will Help Women with Breast Cancer

With excitement, we announce our “Take Charge of the Card” contest winner. Congratulations, Melissa Marchand, of Made x Mel! Thanks to Mel, the other entrants, and to your votes and donations, we raised $1,251! Mel’s design, “Believe in the Magic of Christmas,” is a whimsical spin on the traditional. And it doesn’t lose sight of our focus. It’s now in our online store where you can buy a box for yourself. You can also donate one in honor of a friend or loved one and we’ll send it straight to your honoree. We appreciate your support, which enables us to help women with breast cancer!

A Passion for Design

Two years ago, having moved out west to Calgary, Alberta, Mel found herself far from family. She was looking for work in a not-so-great economy. At the same time, she took up watercolor painting and brush lettering as a creative outlet. As it grew into a real passion, she started sharing her work via Instagram (@madexmel).
An old friend contacted Mel to design the invitations for an upcoming wedding, and she agreed. The bride was so pleased with Mel’s work that she began recommending her to other friends and family. Word spread. What had started as a cathartic hobby transformed into a creative vocation.

Making Visions Come to Life

Even after her business has taken off, Mel’s favorite projects include working with individuals on a personal level. She loves completing custom projects. She enjoys being able to take someone’s idea and “help their vision come to life.” Much of her work is still wedding invitations and stationery. And she also designs logos.
Mel’s work blends different mediums and techniques. For the ITC card design, she created the lettering by hand. She created the tree decoration with Photoshop. The basis for the design had originally been born out of an idea she’d been unable to use for a prior project. With this as a starting point, she wanted to celebrate our mission to inspire and empower women. The fun addition of the bra garland cleverly captured that.
help women with breast cancer

Love Each Other

I asked Mel what she wanted the card to express to those receiving it. Her answer was simple but powerful: “Love each other.” She hopes it inspires women to support each other through cancer. Or just the ups-and-downs of everyday life. Holidays are a time for connecting with the important people in our lives. But for those facing hardships, they can be a critical time of connection and reflection.
Want to see more of Mel’s work? You can check out her Instagram or Facebook page. She is currently in process of creating a website, which will be up soon. Until then, contact her by email at [email protected].  


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