Thanks if you entered our Voices of Love contest last week! Remember, you can enter each week of October to win a box of pink macaroons. Help us encourage those going through breast cancer or reconstruction with your words of advice, encouragement, and/or love! Click here for more info. Now, for our Voices of Love winners from week 1:



Terri is a two time breast cancer survivor who had a good experience with breast reconstruction. She’s been spreading the word about DIEP flap reconstruction for over a year now, with great results and a good following on Facebook. She also founded the non-profit DiepCfoundation, which exists to “provide . . . resources, evidence based information and support needed to assist those on their own Journey to rebuild their lives after mastectomy.”

Terri’s quote is based on personal experience and also happens to reiterate the very purpose of our work here at ITC, which is to raise awareness about life with breast cancer and about options for breast reconstruction. Terri’s quote also emphasizes the support system in the breast cancer community. She says, “I am inspired each and every day by those on their Journey through breast cancer and mastectomy. Through my Foundation work as a two time breast cancer survivor and through my own personal Journey I educate and inform them about their options for breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a personal choice and not for everyone. Knowing your options is a rite! It’s not an easy decision and we are all here to support each other through our #VoicesOfLove!”




Our second winner, Clare, brings us words of encouragement from way up north in Canada. She clearly admires her 86 year old grandmother, whom she describes as being vibrant. Even those of us who are half her age would be happy to be called that! Clare urges women with breast cancer to stay positive and to have hope in knowing that her grandma made it through:

voices of love winners


Thank you Terri and Clare! We hope that you enjoy your pink macaroons!

The contest is going on each week until October 28. We’d love to hear your advice, encouragement, or words of support for those enduring breast cancer/reconstruction too! Write them in our comments section for a chance to win a box of pink macaroons, and for another chance to win, click on the image below.

voices of love winners