When you’re dealing with breast cancer, one of the last things you want to feel is loneliness. Although you know that other women have had breast cancer, knowledge alone is not always enough. In some cases, seeing is more powerful. So, we decided to put together a series of breast cancer videos.


These will remind you that you are not alone. You have the support of millions of other women who have gone through a similar situation. These videos are lighthearted, funny, sad, and inspirational.


There is no right way to feel or handle the challenge you are facing. These women shared their own stories and their own way of dealing with their journeys. By seeing some of these, we hope that you will find the love and strength you need.




We posted one of Megan Kowalewski’s videos on our Facebook page, and we decided to add another one here. She’s posted several videos on YouTube about her own journey with breast cancer that you can also view. For some of these videos she has included inspirational music and clips of her dancing and lip-syncing along.


As you can see in her “Overcomer” video, her journey was not all filled with jokes and fun. She made her way through plenty of difficult times. Dealing with breast cancer can be a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. Megan is sure to show all of that in this inspiring video.

Stuff Breast Cancer Survivors Say



The Cherry Bombs posted this great video in 2012. It shows a group of women sharing their experiences as breast cancer survivors. They show women what the life of a survivor is like and help them find laughter and love in dark places.


The video is a great mix of humor and seriousness. Women in the video represent women around the country and the world who have breast cancer. Posted to raise awareness, “Stuff Breast Cancer Survivors Say” is an inspiring video

Metastatic Cancer….. The REAL deal….



By saying nothing at all, Holley Kitchen created a powerful video about her experience with metastatic breast cancer. She tells her story on note cards as “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten plays in the background. Posted in 2015 the video quickly became a sensation. Good Morning America interviewed Holley after her video gained over 50 million views, so you may have already seen it. If you haven’t, you shouldn’t miss it.


Holley Kitchen received as Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis in 2012. In her video, she discusses how she fought for her husband and their two sons. She admits that cancer is frightening and shares some of the things she grew tired of hearing. The video was movingly real. Unfortunately, Holley passed away from metastatic breast cancer in January 2016. Yet, the impact that she and her video made is still seen.

Lexington Medical Center’s Pink Glove Dance 2012



This video is a bit old. But I still think it is a great way to celebrate women who have had breast cancer and are dealing with breast cancer. The video is a part of the Pink Glove Dance, a national competition that is now going into its seventh year!


The campaign started in 2009 when Providence St. Vincent Medical Center posted a Pink Glove Dance video. In the video, people at the hospital danced to a song by Jay Sean while wearing pink gloves. The purpose of the video was to raise breast cancer awareness. After its release, the video gained millions of views. The singer even recorded a live performance with the audience all wearing pink gloves. Medline released a sequel to the video in 2010. The following year, it started the national competition.


Since the competition began, close to 200,000 people around the country have danced to show support. The campaign brings together patients, healthcare professionals, and everyone affected by breast cancer. The video here was the 2012 winner of the Pink Glove Dance competition. It shows the connection between health care providers, breast cancer survivors, and their community. Not to mention the catchy tune may instill a sudden desire to dance along.

Tig Notaro’s Brief But Spectacular Take on Healing Through Comedy



This video may be a bit different in format and tone than some of the others in this article. Yet it still provides a unique look at how strong women can be and a unique take on the healing qualities of humor.

Tig Notaro is a 45-year-old stand-up comedian. In 2012, she received a diagnosis of bilateral breast cancer. In the same year, she had lost her mother and seen her long-term relationship end. She had also been dealing with pneumonia and a life-threatening intestinal disease. Needless to say, the diagnosis overwhelmed her.

A few months after, she appeared on a live stage show in Los Angeles. During the show she addressed her breast cancer head-on. She talked about how the diagnosis would affect her dating and everyday life. Despite her jokes, she was still shaken by what she was dealing with. Yet she found that writing helped her cope, so she continued with what she was doing. After receiving a double mastectomy, she was  cancer free.

In her brief video, Notaro discusses the challenges of dealing with what was happening. But she also talks about how comedy helped her find a path through the darkness. Like some of the other videos, this one shows that everyone finds comfort in their own ways – whether it’s humor or something else entirely.


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