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Breast Cancer at 36 Made This Bestselling Author [Podcast Ep. 21]

Breast Cancer at 36 Made This Bestselling Author [Podcast Ep. 21]

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 36, Gigi Pandian did not just sit back and focus on recovery (a valid choice that nobody would have judged). Instead, she chose her treatment time as her chance to jump start her writing career.


Without a doubt, USA Today Bestselling Author Gigi Pandian is a motivated woman. As evidenced by the many writing and photography projects on her websites, she has a creative mind that wasn’t slowed down by breast cancer at all. Her modern-day mystery books have been described as “a cross between Indiana Jones and Agatha Christie.” Once you hear from her and get to know her a little through this interview, you’ll see exactly how those themes came to intersect in her life.


Yet, perhaps nobody would even know Gigi’s name had she not first been diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 — a diagnosis that came with no family history or warnings.



In this episode of The Breast Podcast, we explore how Gigi’s cancer diagnosis affected her creative work. She also discusses her take on the publishing process and how she decided to take the bold initiative of self-publishing. Gigi is open and honest about the struggles she faced and who she learned to rely on while going through her cancer journey.

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What We Talked About:

  • Gigi’s publishing career and background in writing and archaeology
  • How breast cancer created a space in Gigi’s life to focus on writing
  • How Gigi came to the decision to self-publish her work
  • The sources of inspiration for Gigi’s books, from childhood to breast cancer
  • Gigi’s incredible writing group friends and how they celebrated her 40th in Edinburgh
  • Finding your new emotional and professional normal after cancer treatment
  • Recipes and food!



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