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Going Flat

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When weighing the options regarding breast reconstruction, remember that going flat is a valid choice.

As women, our breasts are an important symbol of our femininity and sexuality. More than that, they’re as much a part of us as our hands and feet. It may be impossible to imagine ourselves without them. For women facing mastectomy, it’s natural to feel fear, frustration, and isolation. It’s easy to understand the desire to replace what was lost. But for some women, the thought of reconstruction is also alienating.

Reconstruction cannot perfectly recreate your breasts. Surgery always carries risks. Recovery may be long and painful. Some women find relief in choosing not to reconstruct. It might be the right choice for you.

Other women, of course, have no choice. For a variety of reasons, reconstruction is simply not an option and they must go flat.

Going flat is not a rejection of womanhood or a loss of identity. You are whole without breasts.

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