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Breast Implants

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Ah, breast implants. If plastic surgery has held a stigma in your social circles, you may feel put off by the idea of getting breast implants because of their association with breast enhancement.

But breast reconstruction is not breast enhancement.

You are not trying to “improve” your breasts. You are recreating a semblance of what was there.

Breast implants have a very real appeal to women considering breast reconstruction. Most importantly, breast implants typically require less surgery than autologous breast reconstruction. Thus, they also have a faster recovery time and don’t impact a person’s muscle tone, as taking from a donor site would. Many athletes might prefer implants to autologous breast reconstruction for this reason. But implants may not recreate the softness of a breast as well as flap reconstruction, which uses your own tissue. Unfortunately, implants also generally only last 10 to 20 years, which means additional surgeries for replacements down the road.

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