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Tissue Expanders at Home – Part of Daily Life

Tissue Expanders at Home – Part of Daily Life

Many women come to a breast cancer diagnosis utterly bewildered and overwhelmed. A few, however, come from inside the medical world. They offer unique insights and come to decisions from a different perspective. Ana is one such woman.

Ana is a surgical business manager at a hospital in southern Florida. It’s her job to know the business side of the hospital, including serving on the product review committee.

Setting Her Own Pace

When diagnosed with breast cancer, Ana made the decision for breast reconstruction. However, she didn’t want reconstructive surgery to disrupt her lifestyle. Not just committed to her career, she also needed to care for her mother and home. With that in mind, she began to work with her surgeon to put a plan in place that would accommodate her life-style.

Ana’s work played a role though. As part of her work, she had had the opportunity to review a product that was unanimously approved: Aeroform. Aeroform is a needle-free, patient-controlled tissue expansion system. It seemed like the right option for her situation and goals.

“When I found out the way it works – that there’s no needles, that I could do this at my house or anywhere, I thought this was way overdue,” Ana said.


Ana wanted to meet her goal of returning to work within two weeks. At six weeks, she was using the tissue expanders at home each morning while maintaining her working hours and daily routine. Watch this video–it’s really quite incredible what a difference one piece of technology made.


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