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Realistic Expectations for Breast Reconstruction

Realistic Expectations for Breast Reconstruction

Do you know what to expect after breast reconstruction? You might have very specific expectations. You know exactly what results you want. Perhaps the opposite is true. You may be afraid to even imagine the outcome. Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make.

In this video, Dr. Dellacroce expresses the importance of honesty and openness when surgeons discuss breast reconstruction with their patients. Reconstructive surgery remains imperfect. It cannot recreate your breasts exactly as they were before. But that doesn’t mean it can’t give you beautiful breasts that are still yours.

The transcript of the video is below.

Can women “get” their breast reconstruction options?

They’ll get it. It’s not rocket science. You know, it’s not Stephen Hawking. It’s not astrophysics. If you break it down into its simplest common denominators, most people get it.

Most people are very ok with, “Yeah, I realize it might not be perfect. I realize there may need to be little adjustments. I realize it won’t be the way it was before, but it can still be very beautiful—and, in some cases, it can be even more beautiful.”

If that discourse is had with honesty and integrity, I don’t think that unrealistic expectations even come into the mix.

Clear Communication = Realistic Expectations

realistic expectations for breast reconstruction

If you’re not communicating well to your patient, sure, there are probably unrealistic expectations based on inadequate information that they’ve gotten from who knows where.

And the other side of the question, with respect to it being loaded, is: realistic expectations should be that in the year 2016, with all the technology that we have, we ought to be at a point where we can rebuild a breast and make it beautiful. It’s not unrealistic.


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