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One Previvor’s Informed Choice [Podcast Ep. 18]

One Previvor’s Informed Choice [Podcast Ep. 18]

Because we seek to empower women to make informed choices after breast cancer, we’re very interested in how women come to their decisions. That’s what makes this conversation with Tina Ruark-Baker so inspiring!


Tina walks us through the circumstances that led to her deciding to undergo a preventative mastectomy. However, Tina’s experiences when choosing a surgeon, hospital, and reconstruction were painful and frustrating. She felt railroaded with few options given to her. Thankfully, she eventually found a fantastic surgeon and a fantastic reconstruction option. Now she wants to make sure other women learn of their options more easily than she did. She, just like ITC, is dedicated to arming and equipping other women with as much knowledge as possible.


Tina decided to use the AeroForm by AirXpanders, an emergent technology in breast reconstruction. She’s been thrilled with the results and she explains the process from beginning to end from a patient’s point of view.


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What We Talked About

  • Tina’s health history and her informed choice to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy.
  • Tina’s “Tata to the Ta-tas” party and the great support she’s had from friends and family.
  • Why Tina chose AeroForm.
  • Tina’s experiences with the AeroForm and how she’s found it much less painful than other options.
  • Tina’s dedication to empowering women to choose the right reconstruction option for them.


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