Nipple Reconstruction & Tattoos

Whether to have nipple reconstruction and/or a nipple tattoo is highly personal decision. If you are not eligible for a nipple-sparing mastectomy, your initial breast reconstruction will not include a nipple. You may feel a strange mix of emotions when you first see your breast without a nipple. However, most surgeons do not recommend nipple reconstruction right away, as your tissue will need time to heal first. Thankfully, this also gives you time to consider whether a new nipple, or perhaps a tattoo, will be a part of your future.

Your options include traditional nipple reconstruction, in which the surgeon makes a small incision where the nipple should be and elevates the tissue to mimic the natural tissue. However, 3D printed nipples, nipple implants, and nipple and areola tattoos are all growing options. Browse through our articles on the subject to understand your options better.

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