How Do I Choose?

This breast cancer journey offers you choices along the way. Actually, a whole lot of breast cancer choices. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after those initial visits with your doctor.

It is only odd to someone who has never faced cancer that we need an entire page devoted to breast cancer choice-making. Yet any woman with a breast cancer diagnosis knows she faces a plethora of questions, choices, and options she never wanted to consider. Mastectomy or lumpectomy? Which plastic surgeon? Should she get a second or even third opinion? Should she opt for breast reconstruction? If she has breast reconstruction, should it be immediate or delayed? What kind of surgery fits her lifestyle?

We know you’ve got a lot of options set before you. In truth, that’s a good thing, because it means breast cancer research has progressed to the point that not everyone receives the same treatment. However, we also know it’s overwhelming.

There are so many choices.

We get it. We’re here to walk with you as you face this disease. The articles below are a sampling of the major questions we hear from our readers.

Have questions we’ve not answered? Let us know.

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