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Her Tissue Expanders Failed…

Her Tissue Expanders Failed…

Sometimes breast reconstruction doesn’t go as planned. Unfortunately, that was Denise’s painful experience. She had saline tissue expanders placed at her mastectomy, and everything went wrong.

Skin necrosis.

Extra surgery.

Incisions that reopened.

Ultimately, her tissue expanders failed. She had to have the tissue expanders removed. She moved on and focused on chemotherapy and surviving.

A Different Tissue Expander

But that wasn’t the end of the story. After recovering from chemotherapy, Denise felt ready to face breast reconstruction again. However, this time was totally different. She had the AeroForm–a needle-free, patient-controlled tissue expansion system.

In Denise’s own words:

“I said, is that it? Easy-breezy! And you don’t have to have a needle stuck in you once a week and have saline injected into you.”

And doesn’t this sum up why breast reconstruction matters?

“I’m just glad that I have breasts again. It’s been two years. I’m looking forward to just being healthy, seeing my grandkids grow up… Just feeling like a woman again.”

AirXpanders (the company that makes AeroForm) is a sponsor of I’m Taking Charge. We are extremely selective about who we allow to sponsor us. We see that the AeroForm is totally altering the breast reconstruction experience for women who need tissue expanders. This is exactly the kind of option we want our readers to know about.

If you’re going to need tissue expanders, be sure to check out the AeroForm website and talk about it with your plastic surgeon.


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