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Many women struggle with their self-esteem after breast cancer. To start, find out what physical changes you can expect after your procedure. Talk to people who have had similar surgeries and do some research online. After the procedure, seek support from friends or other women who have had breast cancer. Spend plenty of time looking at yourself in the mirror and don’t be afraid of showing your body to your significant other. Over time, you will discover your new normal as long as you actively reach out and embrace yourself.

One of the first challenges you must tackle on the way back to intimacy is allowing your significant other to see your bare chest. This can be extremely difficult for some women, but it’s important to show your body to your sexual partner to restore both your self-esteem and your intimacy. After that, take things slow. If you need to, visit a therapist with your partner to figure out why things are different. Beyond that, consider making lifestyle changes to boost libido. These changes may include reducing stress and regularly exercise.

Yes. Exercising after breast cancer and reconstruction is recommended. However, you do not want to strain yourself too much. Start you physical therapy exercises as soon as your physician or nurse says you can. These exercises promote mobility in your upper body and arms. After that, gradually work your way back to your normal exercise routine. However, continue checking in with your physician before starting more strenuous activities. It may take eight weeks or more to return to your normal exercise.

Molded and padded cup bras are great options for reducing the appearance of asymmetrical breasts. They don’t crease when the cup is unfilled, and they provide structure under your clothes. When choosing these types of bras, make sure they fit the larger breast. This ensures the bra is more comfortable and fits more naturally. If you don’t want a padded or molded cup bra, you can invest in bra pads to fill out the cup. Certain companies also sell bras that let you customize the cup size on each side. Many women have also found Knitted Knockers to be useful.

Buying a mastectomy bra may also be helpful. These bras are designed to provide comfort to women who have had mastectomies or lumpectomies. They often accommodate different sized breasts. AnaOno is one company that sells lingeries for women with breast cancer. The Marla Hope Bra is another great option. You can also find companies that sell swimsuits and other clothes designed for women with breast cancer.

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