Our team likes to refer to Sally as Superwoman. She is the woman that holds our website together—from editing posts to managing social media platforms. Yet, she does it all with her nine children living at home! She’s got a great sense of humor too: she states the “coolest” thing left on her lifelong bucket list is going SCUBA diving in a frozen lake.

Sally didn’t come into breast cancer writing and editing through the front door. Originally educated in the field of geology, Sally spent several years as an adjunct instructor at North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University. However, her skills as a writer were noted even as an undergraduate when she worked for the campus writing center.

Sally states she’d never considered the impact of breast reconstruction on a woman’s breast cancer journey until her own son had to have reconstruction of a rib cage deformity. “It was life changing.” After this experience, she has become a passionate advocate for women to know their choices.