Although there are several breast reconstruction options for women who have undergone a mastectomy, many of which are covered by insurance, reconstructing the nipple has not undergone the same developments as breast reconstruction generally. There are a few options, including custom-made adhesive nipples and skin grafts, but the procedures are often expensive and may require regular replacements.


Fortunately, a new option has come onto the market: a reconstructed nipple in the form of a dermal implant. The idea for the nipple came from Eric Catalano, a tattoo shop owner who has a history of supporting breast cancer awareness and tattooing areolas for women’s reconstruction. He designed the implant to look and feel like a real nipple and hopes to provide the prosthetic nipples to women for free with the help of crowdfunding.


You can read more about this new nipple option and Catalano’s story and vision here. You can also watch the video below.