Alright, if I ask you what “breast reconstruction” is, hopefully you can provide some sort of answer (if you can’t, take a look around our blog). Some of you can probably even give really lengthy answers that come straight out of scientific journals and include complicated comparisons of the various autologous flaps and types of available implants. Others might stick with, you know, “making new breasts” (pretty much accurate).


Here’s the deal, though, until you’ve been through it… Well, the chances are you’re going to have some lingering questions.

Maybe A LOT of questions.

Maybe they’re hard to put into words.

Maybe you clam up just thinking about yet another surgery, and you just want to know some realistic comparison of the various recovery experiences follow reconstructive surgery.

Maybe you want to know if your friend’s aunt’s son’s wife’s neighbor’s experience is pretty normal.

Maybe you’re thinking about life after surgery. About your new normal. About intimacy with your husband.


Here’s the deal: We want your breast reconstruction questions.


Every one of them.


The weird. The scientific. The shallow. The profound. The frustrating. The embarrassing. The exciting.


Because chances are, you’re not alone in your reconstruction questions.


This month (March 2016), we’re asking a plastic surgeon to take on your questions. At the end of the month, our surgeon will livestream and record her answers to your questions. So get ready to deconstruct reconstruction!


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of breast reconstruction and the 1,001 thoughts you have when you contemplate breast reconstruction.


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