Coping with Breast Cancer and Survivorship

Cancer–you can never erase the sound of that word from your mind. Hearing it that first time changes everything. Then you’ve got the roller coaster ride of treatments and surgeries and far too many medical visits.

Your feelings ride the roller coaster as well, and even though treatments end and you may hear the words “cancer remission,” your feelings might stay on the roller coaster for a while longer. Sometimes they’re even exacerbated by forced sudden menopause or the long-term medicines you now have to take. It’s tough.

Nobody should ever go through this alone, though. While we hope you are surrounded by a loving and supportive community, sometimes an outsider’s view can help, no matter what your “tribe” looks like. We want to support you with accurate information, expert advice, and a healthy dose of encouragement. Take a look below at some of the articles on dealing with life after a breast cancer diagnosis.

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