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Breast Reconstruction Stories

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Perhaps you googled “breast reconstruction stories.” Perhaps you clicked your way through our site to get here. Most likely, you’re here because you’re facing a big (and somewhat scary) decision regarding breast reconstruction surgery. We know.

Breast cancer changes your life. It reshapes your identity along with your body. Physicians and the internet (even sites like ours!) lay out lists of definitions, statistics, and options, but not every challenge is tangible. Sometimes you just want to hear from someone who “gets it.” Or maybe you’re seeking practical advice from somebody who has been exactly where you are. What should you expect? What should you ask? Is it okay to be afraid? Even angry?

During treatment and breast reconstruction, you face many decisions that are very personal and can only be yours. Here you’ll find the stories of real women who have stood where you stand now and wrestled with those same choices. Their experiences offer connection, guidance, and—most importantly—hope.

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