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Breast Reconstruction Awareness

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Why do we talk about breast reconstruction awareness? Because…breast cancer isn’t the end of the story. Survival isn’t the end of the story. Remission isn’t the end of the story. We are strong women, and our dreams go beyond mere survival.

Breast reconstruction is not for every woman, but every woman facing breast cancer has the right to know her options. It’s her choice, and she needs to be empowered to make that decision for her body.

Filling in the breast cancer information gap is what we do at I’m Taking Charge, but we have a special concern for information regarding breast reconstruction. It was the plethora of misinformation and a lack of true education on breast reconstruction options that mobilized our founder to start this website. We continue the fight to make sure that women of every race and ethnicity get equal access to information regarding all her breast reconstruction rights and options (which, yes, absolutely includes going flat).

From legislative efforts to BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day events in October, if you want to know how we’re continuing the conversation beyond survival, check back here. We’ll keep you posted.

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