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Breast Cancer Nutrition From a Dietitian Survivor [Podcast Ep. 17]

Breast Cancer Nutrition From a Dietitian Survivor [Podcast Ep. 17]

Have you felt any confusion about what you can and cannot eat after a breast cancer diagnosis? We’ve got a treat for you! We had an incredible interview with Cathy Leman, a registered dietitian, breast cancer survivor, and the founder of DAM. MAD. About Breast Cancer. She is full of so much wisdom and encouragement for the woman struggling to figure out healthy eating after a breast cancer diagnosis… or even if she’s never had breast cancer!

With Cathy Leman’s professional history as a dietitian working with women with food disorders and a personal trainers, she gets the complex relationship we all have with food. As a breast cancer survivor, she understands the roller coaster of emotions that accompanies such a diagnosis. In this interview, she helps get past our own tangle of fears and shame to embrace health. This is truly one episode of The Breast Podcast you’re going to want to listen to and share.


THE BREAST PODCAST Breast Cancer Nutrition From a Dietitian Who’s Been There [Ep. 17]

What We Talked About

  • Cathy’s background in the public and private sector as a dietitian and personal trainer
  • Why it’s important not to focus too hard on weight loss when talking about breast cancer nutrition (or any nutrition)
  • The complex emotional relationship we all individually have with food
  • Why drastic changes in diet are not sustainable
  • A few ideas for healthy food swaps and the benefits of plant foods



Update 7/19/2018: We’ve had Cathy Leman back! If you liked this episode, be sure to check out Episode 23: Sorting Body Image Issues After Breast Cancer. Also, she wrote a fantastic post titled 3 Questions When You Want to Get Your Body Back. Check them both out!


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