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Breast Cancer After Implants: Vicki Lucas’ Story

Breast Cancer After Implants: Vicki Lucas’ Story

Vicki Lucas was the globe-trotting grandmother who inspired us a couple years ago. Her story is unique, because she dealt with the challenges of treating breast cancer after implants. For example, she faced capsular contracture (a hardening of tissue around implants) after her radiation. She later chose to get breast reconstruction following her lumpectomy.


In this episode, we talked to Vicki Lucas again. The 62-year-old breast cancer survivor works as a nurse, teacher, and grandmother to TWENTY-SIX grandkids!


She gives us information about how she made her breast cancer surgery, treatment, and reconstruction decisions. And she shares what she wishes she knew during her breast cancer journey.


THE BREAST PODCAST Interview with Vicki Lucas [Ep 1]


What We Talked About:

  • How Vicki made the decision to get a lumpectomy with a lymphoidectomy instead of getting a mastectomy
  • The changes that Vicki noticed in her breast after a lumpectomy
  • What led to Vicki choosing to get breast reconstruction
  • How Vicki’s breast cancer treatment and reconstruction were affected by the fact that she had breast implants already
  • Why Vicki decided not to get genetic testing
  • Vicki’s pieces of advice that she wished she knew when she was going through breast cancer
  • What Vicki’s biggest revelation is after going through breast cancer
  • How Vicki has changed since going through breast cancer




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