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Autologous Breast Reconstruction

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Also known as flap reconstruction, autologous breast reconstruction uses tissue from another area of your body (a flap) to recreate your breast mound.

Autologous breast reconstruction typically takes tissue from the buttocks, back, or inner thighs. Depending on the specific procedure you get, this may involve taking skin, fat, and muscle from a donor area of your body.

As you may imagine, autologous reconstruction is much more taxing on your body. Instead of just having one site to heal at, you have two–both your chest and the donor site. Maybe more than one donor site. However, autologous breast reconstruction gives you a new breast that may appear and feel more natural, because it’s all your tissue.

Read more about autologous breast reconstruction below to learn more about the specific types of procedures that are available, the complications associated with these procedures, and the pros and cons of various autologous procedures.

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