Anti-Breast Cancer Food & Fitness

“Anti-breast cancer” doesn’t mean a cure, but it does mean risk reduction.

No specific anti-breast cancer food or lifestyle can cure breast cancer or guarantee 100% prevention. But research shows that healthy eating and regular exercise lower the risk for cancer, can relieve side effects of treatment, and may even improve the effectiveness of certain types of treatments.

While proper nutrition and fitness benefit everyone, they can make an important difference if you’re facing cancer or hoping to lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Benefits of an anti-breast cancer lifestyle include a strengthened immune system, increased energy levels, and even improved mood.

It’s also a way to reconnect with our physical selves. Cancer pits us against our own bodies. Cancer lowers our sense of empowerment and health. By caring for our bodies with good nutrition and fitness, we can begin to retake our health and rediscover our strength.

Take a look at the articles below. We want to help you figure out how to love your body best into its healthiest place. That doesn’t mean overdoing it, and it certainly never means doing something against your physician’s guidelines. Instead, it means making healthy choices, respecting what your body has endured, and figuring out your body’s new normal.

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