Can you believe that 1 in 8 women and their families are affected by breast cancer? That’s a higher percent of people than are left handed, play Pokémon Go, or own a pet fish.

voices of love contest

Awareness is important. At I’m Taking Charge, we urge all women to get their mammograms, to live a healthy lifestyle, and to get tested for the “breast cancer” gene.


However, support is also important. One of the best ways to support women who face a breast cancer diagnosis is to offer words of love and encouragement.

voices of love contest
We know the power and popularity of healing words all too well, because 95% of the re-pins at I’m Taking Charge’s Pinterest board are of encouraging quotes!


Because we know about the power of loving and supportive words, we’re collaborating with AirXpanders in their second annual Voices of Love campaign.



Join us and not only will you support women, you could be one of dozens of people to win a box of pink macaroons!


Here are the rules:

  1. Share your loving voice. We’re teaming up with AirXpanders for this campaign. That means you can leave your nuggets of wisdom on either blog or our Facebook pages. You can also create new Facebook posts with the hashtag: #voicesoflove. Write your posts, make videos, or photograph yourself with a message. Whatever spreads the love, we’ll take it.
  2. Stick to encouraging messages. Venting has its place, but this is your chance to infuse a little love into a dark time, so let’s keep to that purpose. Remember, we should be sharing “voices of love.”
  3. Watch for our posts. We’ll republish comments and posts we think are particularly inspiring and helpful. To make it a bit more fun, if we use your posts, we’ll send you a bunch of macaroons to say thank you. Pink macaroons, since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.
  4. That’s it. So use that voice of yours (or keyboard) to share the love. Let’s make love go viral for October.


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