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Tissue Expanders: Marci and Marie’s Different Stories

11 Apr 2016

The shock of breast cancer doesn’t end at the diagnosis. Every woman knows there are many steps along the way that just keeps building and adding to the shock. It may be losing one’s hair from the chemotherapy or learning of a BRCA mutation. For women who undergo a mastectomy, losing one’s breasts is a particularly intense time emotionally.

Both Marci Garrett and Marie Jobson shared the experience of having a double mastectomy and choosing breast reconstruction to begin to regain a sense of normality. In fact, their breast reconstruction process might even seem incredibly similar at surface: both had tissue expanders placed initially.

But there the similarities end. Marci Garrett self-describes her experiences with traditional saline tissue expanders as “very traumatic,” where painful injections continued over a six month period. Marie Jobson, however, participated in an AirXpanders clinical trial. While she called the expansion time “difficult” as she waited for her chest to begin to look like the final reconstructed breasts, she enjoyed a unique experience of controlling her breast expansion from home without the use of needles, leaving her outlook on her overall breast reconstruction, including the tissue expansion, as quite positive.

While there will never be a one-size-fits-all breast reconstruction method, these two ladies demonstrate to us that new research, inventions, and technology can profoundly impact a woman’s breast reconstruction experience. Take a look at these two videos and see what you think.

Marci Garrett – Saline Tissue Expanders:


Marie Jobson – AeroForm Tissue Expanders:


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