ITC's April 2017 Theme: Life With Breast Cancer - ITC

ITC’s April 2017 Theme: Life With Breast Cancer

ITC’s April 2017 Theme: Life With Breast Cancer
03 Apr 2017

So, you’ve got breast cancer. Now what? We at I’m Taking Charge get it. You need answers, and we deliver them as best we can. We cover all aspects of life with breast cancer. We also cover your options are for treatment and breast reconstruction. But this month we’re really digging in. Instead of reporting on a handful of topics related to breast cancer and reconstruction, we’re focusing on the specifics of life beyond the diagnosis.

life with breast cancer

Topics We’ll Cover this Month, About Life With Breast Cancer

Additionally, throughout the month, we’ll give you a large sampling of how others have dealt with their diagnosis—including some “superhero” role models that model realistic ways to embrace life again, that appeal to breast cancer patients with different interests and personality types.


We’d Love to Hear from You!

If any of the topics this month spark your interest, head on over to our Facebook page and feel free to contribute your thoughts and/or start a discussion. I’m sure our other readers would love to join in and share their experiences, perspectives or resources that have helped them to thrive amidst breast cancer.

life with breast cancer



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